1. New Urban Tribes -Release the Dreamer prt3 -NewDemo2017Mix

  2. Within you. Release the Dreamer Part 2 -Instrumental 2017 Demo mix

  3. Release the dreamer Part 1 -Demo 2017 Instrumental mix

  4. It is unthinkable to bend the knee -New 2017 Demo Mix

  5. I bow to no man -New Demo recording 2017 mix

  6. Infinite TriNitroToluene -Take it easy -New 2017 Demo Mix

  7. They have plans for you -NEW Demo mix

  8. Terrible news. New recording DEMO 2017

  9. Ride a horse, a black horse and lead them into Hell. New recording 2017 DEMO

  10. Killing toys -New Demo 2017 Mix

  11. Some People learn the hard way -Dark Runner

  12. Sleepers wake up! LP Vinyl Demo

  13. Arkham Asylum Noize Mekaniks -Ασύλου Άρκαμ Θορυβώδης Μηχανική -Viridian Green -LP vinyl

  14. Dark Runner and the Mass Perpetuation -Glaufx Garland

  15. Where is the fun without complications -Viridian Green -Dark Runner LP vinyl

  16. Mondlicht -The path of wishes Viridian Green -LP vinyl

  17. Nemesis -Viridian Green -LP Vinyl

  18. Grotesque Dark Runner -D.A.R.K. -Viridian Green -LP Vinyl

  19. Obscure experiments and dark implants -Glaufx Garland

  20. Alice in... Paths of emptiness beyond the black mirrors

  21. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward -H. P. Lovecraft

  22. Eosphorus - ΕΩΣΦΟΡΟΣ

  23. Entombment of the dead and decayed flowers

  24. Telesis -Ontology -ΤΕΛΕΣΙΣ

  25. Protecting Mother Earth - Ancestral Spirits of vengeance

  26. Algonkin -Wanderers from beyond

  27. Pacific Ocean of the Dead -Fukushima requiem

  28. The Fall of Cronus into the pit of Tartarus

  29. From beyond -H. P. Lovecraft

  30. The Shadow over Innsmouth -H. P. Lovecraft

  31. I Had A Dream, Which Was Not All A Dream -Lord Byron -Darkness

  32. The colour out of space -H. P. Lovecraft

  33. Pluton -Funeral ambient -Glaufx Garland

  34. The wooden houses beyond the waterfalls of sea - ΤΑ ΞΥΛΙΝΑ ΣΠΙΤΙΑ ΠΕΡΑ ΑΠΟ ΤΟΥΣ ΚΑΤΑΡΡΑΚΤΕΣ ΤΗΣ ΘΑΛΑΣΣΑΣ

  35. Galaxies -ΓΑΛΑΞΙΕΣ -Glaufx Garland

  36. Gaia -ΓΑΙΑ -Glaufx Garland

  37. Beyond the wall of sleep -H. P. Lovecraft -Glaufx Garland

  38. 01 The Music of Erich Zann -H. P. Lovecraft -Glaufx Garland

  39. Dagon -H. P. Lovecraft -Glaufx Garland's Viridian Green


  41. New urban tribes

  42. Les fleurs du mal -Poems interdits -Charles Baudelaire-Viridian Green

  43. Silent waters -Glaufx Garland

  44. LE RITE DU SOLEIL NOIR -Antonin Artaud -Spatium Saevus Sonitus

  45. Crystalline morning thoughts -Glaufx Garland

  46. Calm - Glaufx Garland

  47. Post nuclear era phenomena Mass decomposition failed Radiation kills microorganisms -Glaufx Garland

  48. Most people learn the hard way -Glaufx Garland

  49. Steam powered toys -Heron of Alexandria

  50. The raven -E. A. Poe's -Dreams Fade in Time -Gentry -Viridian Green

  51. Spatium Saevus Sonitus L' ABOLITION DE LA CROIX -Antonin Artaud
    Glaufx Garland's Spatium Saevus Sonitus

  52. Elektrodynamik -Glaufx Garland -Body Works Lux Electronics

  53. There is no love

  54. Ellinikon - Viridian Green

  55. Thoughts -of and for- a dead deer -Glaufx Garland

  56. So many secrets lost in time. I don't want to see you again in my secret gardens -Viridian Green

  57. The Decay Of The Dawn -Arthur Rimbaud -Depart -Glaufx Garland

  58. Dreaming In City Ruins -FRANZ KAFKA Glaufx Garland -ΓΛΑΥΚΩΨ

  59. Thoth -The tomb of time - ΘΩΘ - Ο ΤΥΜΒΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΧΡΟΝΟΥ - Viridian Green
    Viridian Green

  60. Night -ΝΥΞ -ΣΙΩ -Viridian Green

  61. Deep Underwater Reproduction Facilities On Four New Planets -Glaufx Garland

  62. The Body Works project 4 -Viridian Green by Glaufx Garland

  63. 7+1 Electroacoustique - The 16 phonic composition -Glaufx Garland

  64. Frozen Trance Mechanics -LP vinyl -Viridian Green

  65. The power of mother Nature by Viridian Green

  66. The Body Works project Lux Electronica 1 by Glaufx Garland

  67. Homo industrialis -Spatium Saevus Sonitus -1980s Recordings

  68. Gently Sin -Your hate or your love, snowflakes in my heart -Dark Runner

  69. Leader Here. Leader there. Kill them all! -Instrumental versions 1 -Dark Runner

  70. Master Save Us; They Are Evi -Dark Runner project

  71. Leader Here, Leader There; Kill them all! - Instrumental versions 2 -Dark Runner

  72. Air = Poison -AHP -Glaufx Garland's Viridian Green

  73. PAGANALIEN -Spatium Saevus Sonitus by Glaufx Garland

  74. Viridian Karma Part 5 -50 Recordings 1980​​​-​​​2015

  75. Viridian Karma Part 4 -50 Recordings 1980​​-​​2015

  76. Viridian Karma Part 3 -50 Recordings 1980​-​2015

  77. Viridian Karma Part 2 -50 Recordings 1982-2013

  78. Viridian Karma Part 1 -50 Recordings 1979 -2000


  80. Make me yours in silence -Short version

  81. Pain -Sample Destroyer
    Sample Destroyer

  82. United utopians -Sample Destroyer

  83. We're on the planet -Compilation
    Various Artists

  84. inoteka & capp present dance traXx v.1.o -Various Artists
    Various artists

  85. Viridian Green + Glaufx Garland Live Setup At AN club Athens April 4th 2014


Glaufx Garland - Viridian Green Greece

One of the first known
underground musicians of Independent Hellenic scene since late 1970s decade
and early 1980s. As teenager started as
one of the few Punk Rockers and moved
through Dark wave / Goth / Psychobilly / New Wave /Industrial / Experimental underground scenes in Greece, also known
as Viridian Green or Dark Runner. His first live gig of Catastrophic Post Punk Industrial.
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